Edu-inquiry is a blog that presents information and viewpoints on teaching with the student as the main focus. As a graduate teaching assistant, I want to provide thoughts on things that I have seen throughout my schooling, teaching, and coaching tenures. But, more importantly, I want to provide students, as well as current and future teachers, with ways to enhance the classroom environment and the learning process.

I hope you all enjoy the blog and if you have any input please do not hesitate to contact me!

Pens to Fight Fears

Stop teaching students that they need to remove or hide all of their mistakes! This instills a fear of making mistakes that will also reduce the student’s willingness to try new…

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You Should Go Outside More

Maybe we should teach topics about nature…mixed with a little nature!! Go outside! Get muddy, scrape a knee, step in a puddle, pull a leaf off of a tree! These experiences are crucial…

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You Learn Nothing From Bubbles

As you move through the seemingly endless pile of tests, wielding the red pen of fury and striking through wrong answer after wrong answer. Students are consistently marking the incorrect answer…

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Notetaking Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

We’ve all been there, you open your notes from class and there it is: a long, outline-form narrative of black ink. Somehow you have to convince your mind to wade through this jungle of bullet points and determine what information…
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