Evaluating nanopore sequencing for microbial community characterization in catfish pond water

Evaluating the use of nanopore sequencing technology for the microbial characterization of catfish aquaculture pond water, with implications for water quality and disease management.

Rotenone Has Little Effect on Water Quality, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, or Macroinvertebrates in Aquaculture Nursery Ponds

Evaluating the short-term effects of rotenone usage in the treatment and management of catfish aquaculture ponds.

Activation of Henneguya ictaluri Actinospores by Nonictalurid Fish Species, with Implications for Management of Proliferative Gill Disease in Catfish Aquaculture

Investigation into the potential use of non-ictalurid species as dead-end hosts for _Henneguya ictaluri_, a parasite of Channel Catfish

Using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and occupancy models to estimate atypical Aeromonas hydrophila (aAh) prevalence in catfish

Investigation of atypical _Aeromonas hydrophila_ prevalence at the organ-, individual-, and pond-level. Swabs were taken from the gills and lower intestines of channel catfish and analyzed using qPCR to detect bacterial DNA. Results from qPCR were used to inform occupancy models to investigate prevalence and non-perfect detection.