aquatic ecology

Diet Comparison of Four Sympatric Gar Species

Masters thesis research investigating the diet overlap of four sympatric gar species (Family Lepisosteidae) in western Kentucky.

Catalpa Creek Tributaries - A Preliminary Investigation

You can download a PDF copy of a recent presentation on the topic of this post here At this point, we have completed the lab work-up of nearly all of the 2018 macroinvertebrate coarse samples from the two Catalpa Creek tributaries that we are investigating.

Catalpa/Red Bud Creek

A collaboration with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mississippi State University to assess the health of small streams of northeastern Mississippi.

Magby Creek Outreach

An outreach project to teach urban high school students the skills and importance of monitoring stream health using water quality and macroinvertebrate communities.

Southern Brook Lamprey

Assessing tag retention and movement patterns of the Southern Brook Lamprey (_Ichthyomyzon gagei_).